Editorial Preface 3

Bronislaw Pilsudski Scientific Heritage:
search and finds

V.M.Latyshev. The Bronislaw Pilsudski Scientific Heritage in Russian museums and archives 4
Bronislaw Pilsudski. [A book of] outgoing [papers] and  a delivery [book] for 1903, 4 and 5 of B.O. Pilsudski sent on an official trip by the imperial Academy of Science in S-Peterburg 
Bronislaw Pilsudski. My Curriculum Vitae 27
W.Kowalski. Price of Conscience (A Commentary to Bronislaw Pilsudski’s “My Curriculum Vitae”) 31
B.S. Shostakovich. The Sakhalin Diary of Bronislaw Pilsudski 85
Bronislaw Pilsudski. The Sakhalin Diary 89
V.M.Latyshev, T.P.Roon. Lost writing-book of Bronislaw Pilsudski named “Songs devoted to me” 107
Bronislaw Pilsudski. Songs devoted to me 111
E.A.Kreinovich. On lyric and love songs of the Nivkhs 117
T.P.Roon. The Bronislaw Pilsudski letters sent to the Russian Art Museum 123
Bronislaw Pilsudski. Letters to the Ethnolory Department of the Russian Art Museum 125
The Sakhalin Aboriginals: 
traditions and contemporaneity
T.P.Roon. The Written Language for the Uilta 131
D.Ikegami. Project of the Uilta Writing Language 136
T.P.Roon. Economic exploration and legal problems of the Sakhalin Aboriginals (1990s) 146
Scientific Conferences
M.M.Prokofiev. The International Scientific Conference “B.O.Pilsudski - 
Researcher of the Sakhalin Nations”, devoted to 125 Anniversary of the Scientist Birth (October 31 - November 2, 1991): vivid pages of History